Dear colleagues,

National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” is happy  to invite you to take part in the III International Creative Contest of Andrey Botchvar. The contest is marked among the top three Russian post-graduate intellectual Olympiads for students graduating in 2018 and bachelor degree holders, spanning itself across both STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), social sciences and humanities. The contest is aimed at identifying the top talents graduating from higher educational institutions in different countries of the world and providing them with an opportunity to study in one of the biggest universities in Russia for free and even be entitled for special scholarship. A student from any country is welcome to take part.

Contest project papers may be of any kind, including course papers, own research papers, scientific articles and other documents covering any kind of scientific or scholar research projects respective to the majors provided by  NUST “MISIS”.

The contest  is held in two stages. The qualifier stage only requires downloading your paperwork in pdf. Following qualification assessment from the respective college at MISIS, the list of most prospective works is complied and published on the contest website. The second stage implies presenting the research, in person or via a video-conference link. This requires a full-fledged presentation of the research. Upon the stage completion, winners and awardees of the contest are announced. Those works scoring 60 balls and higher are considered awardees.

Contest winners are entitled with 100 points to count towards their admission exam results, which means they are almost guaranteed to be enrolled into a respective NUST “MISIS” master program. The contest also allows for the winners to take part in the university’s very own scholarship program ‘Best of MISIS. Building the future’.

The contest awardees can also have their points credited as admission exam results. These points may be sufficient to be enrolled into the master program of your choice.

Key to contest works’ assessment
The works are assessed on the premises of five criteria:

  • practical/scientific value
  • scientific/subject expertise
  • accuracy and logical sequence
  • accuracy of data
  • contester’s input (self-collected data, own conclusions etc.)

Each of the criteria is worth 16 points. Works done under supervision of the employer (a technological company or a research firm) are given 20 extra points.

Works for qualifier stage are accepted until April 15, 2018